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Matriarchal Societies: Studies on Indigenous Cultures across the Globe

Monday, October 28, 2013 12:30 PM - 1:50 PM
LBJ Student Center 3-14.1

Non-patriarchal societies are called “matriarchal” in the new field of modern Matriarchal Studies. A clear scientific definition of “matriarchy” has been missing until now. This has lead to the misunderstanding that matriarchy refers to “rule by women” and has conceived an longlasting, ideologically distorting prejudice towards it.
This situation has been changed by modern Matriarchal Studies,  which have been developing during the last decades and were presented by many scholars and indigenous speakers at two recent World Congresses on Matriarchal Studies in Europe and the USA.
In this lecture, an outline of the deep structure of matriarchal societies (economical, social, political, cultural) will be given which has been gained from cross-cultural research on still existing indigenous matriarchal societies all over the world. Matriarchies will be shown to be gender egalitarian and consensus based societies, creating actively peace and sustainablity by different most intelligent guide-lines.
Their economical, political, societal and spiritual patterns are of the utmost interest; they demonstrate how societies can be created and maintained free of violence and based on gender-balance and friendly reciprocity. This is valid for the microstructures of family, clan, and village as well as for the macrostructures of city, region and the association of regions, and for global structures. In this way the paradigm of a new form of society will be developed.

Luann Walker
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